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Features Of The Z Base Batch Rack

For Painting And Powder Coating Applications

Batch rack

The Single Solution For Staging, Finishing & Drying Parts

Racks Models & Pricing
Model Overall Length Overall Height Width Price
Z4860 51" 66" 22" $249.00
Z6060 63" 66" 22" $249.00
Z6072 63" 78" 22" $259.00
Z7260 75" 66" 22" $269.00
Z6054 63" 90" 22" $269.00


Hook Holder
All racks come with a slotted hook holder. The hook holder is a piece of angles steel that sits on top of the round hang bar. It is cut with ¼" slot openings to allow the hooks to reset to reduce movement during spraying and transporting. The hook holder can be mechanically attached and removed easily for fast cleaning.

Extra Hand Bars
With Sean James batch racks you can add or subtract hand bars to adjust to the size of the parts you are finishing. They can be mechanically attached anywhere along the uprights. Extra bars with hook holders can be ordered separately as accessories.

Rack Nestability
The unique Z shaped base allows you to nest racks when not in use. Each additional rack takes up only 1½" of floor space.

Rack Customization
Because of its modular design, it's easy to order the exact size rack you need - combine a 4-ft, 5-ft or 6-ft base with a 5-ft, 6-ft or 7-ft upright. We can also make special sizes depending on your needs. The minimum order for special products is 10 units.

Breakdown Design
The easy breakdown design saves on shipping costs and allows you to disassemble a rack in minutes to clean excess paint or powder off the hang bar and uprights.

Rack Construction
Rack construction is 12-guage steel. The base is 1 1/2" square tubing with a black powder coat finish. The hang bar and uprights are 1 5/16" round tubing, galvanized steel. The wheels are 4" x 1 3/8", glass filled, heat resistant (up to 600 degrees F) swivel stem casters. They are greaseless with a dust cap raceway to enclose bearings for protection from dust, powder, and paint contamination.


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